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Media Arts Genius was a GENIUS idea developed by Juwan Andrews and Chad Lawson during the summer of 2012. They saw the desperate need for an organization that would give students the pedestal to showcase their talents. Chad was an example of a student who had a great talend that few knew about--photography, cinematography, and graphic artistry. The idea manifested into starting an organization that would give various people with skills and pertaining to the arts the platform to showcase their talents--and Media Arts Geniuses was born.

Media Arts Genius welcomes students who have any talent related to the arts (singing, dancing, graphic arts, cinematographym modeling, acting, and etc). Also, we welcome members who are willing to contribute to the one of the aspects of the organization that has earned us respect and recognition from the campus.

Performing Arts

Artists use their voices and/or the movements of their bodies, often in relation to other objects, to convey artistic expression—as opposed to, for example, purely visual arts, in which artists use paint/canvas or various materials to create physical or static art objects. Performing arts include a variety of disciplines but all are intended to be performed in front of a live audience.

Public Relations

Managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. Public relations may include an organization or individual gaining exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items. Public relations is the idea of creating coverage for clients.

New Media Arts

Encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art, video games, computer robotics, 3D printing, cyborg art and art as biotechnology.

Event Coordinating

The application of project management to the creation and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. It involves studying the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event.

Genius Dollars for Scholars

Since VSU has done so much for us we wanted to give back with our scholarhsip funds. Please help us reward a Genius Scholar!

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Geniuses are what we are and will always be. We will continue to produce progressing, creative geniuses one day at a time.

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Ensuring Better Life

Think Differently

Protect the Earth

Help For Education

For a living planet


Clean Water


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